Login Process

Admin Login:

  • Email: admin@exam.com
  • Password: 123456
  • User Type: Admin

Teacher Login:

  • Email: teacher@gmail.com
  • Password: 123456
  • User Type: Teacher

Student Login:

  • Email: fahad@gmail.com
  • Password: 672551
  • User Type: Teacher

Project Configuration

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Database Info

Following are the important information about database. SQL server 2019 is used in the project!

  • SQL server is used
  • Database name is OnlineQuizSystem
  • Install SQL server on your PC
  • Install SQL server management studio
  • Import database OnlineQuizSystem
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Code Info

This project is build with .NET C# ASP MVC. Some important info related to code are:

  • C# code language
  • Visual Studio 2019 for development is used
  • Data base first approach is used
  • ASP MVC 5 design is used.
  • Bootsrap is used for UI
  • JQuery and JavaScript are also used.
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How To Run?

Following are the important instruction that you should use for running the project:

  • Install SQL Server and import database from the downloaded file
  • Open the project file in visual studio 2019
  • Change connection string in web.config file of downloaded project
  • In visual studio, right click on project and click on build
  • Then run the project in visual studio
  • Your project will open in browser
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How To Run from IIS?

You can deploye the project any where online on IIS or can deploye on your local IIS.

  • Open internet information service (IIS) in your PC
  • Add a new website, give any name, and give any port number
  • Give the path of your project folder "OnlineQuizSystem" in path of site
  • Save all changes
  • Copy and past the path of you site in browser
  • The login page will open in browswer from where you can login now
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